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Saturday, 20 December 2008

I almost forgot it was Twilight

Oh my goodness, I apologise to anyone (no persons so mostly to myself) who read that last post. I watched Priceless recently, and on it Audrey Tautou said she loved being drunk in the afternoon because it felt like she had a secret. And it truly was that liberating. Now, I clearly don't condone it, it was a one-off moment but in a world where expectations are high, it's just nice to deviate and retreat every once in a while..


Anyway, onto the real reason behind this post. The Stephenie Meyer book-to-film adaptation Twilight arrived in the UK this Friday and I (along with lovely Laura) went to go see it! Unfortunately, like most philistines, I've not read the book but I have read the opening passage on Amazon's genius device 'Search Inside' and I thought it was a glorified vampire fan fiction and kind of... awful (which is sad, because often this is the kind of thing I love to read, bad fan fictions are the fuel to my fire) so I went to see film to see if it was any better.
In a nutshell: it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't spectacular. A lot, perhaps too much, emphasis was placed on how sexy Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) happened to be (personally, he doesn't hit the spot, but indeed he does have something about him) with plenty of shots involving him looking up into Bella's (Kristen Stewart) eyes with a smoulder that'd soften the hardest bitch in the room haha.
Some of the film was nicely put together like this scene in the image, where Bella puts all the evidence together and realises but some I felt were a bit.. over-sentimental eg. when they're sitting in the tree, laying in the grass..
It's the sort of love-y crap that makes your relationship seem a bag of crap. I could feel every heart belonging to a female in the room being filled with immense love and craving for their very own vampire.

I don't know, it's the first film in a while that's really struck a chord in me, like.. I can see it's going to be huge and so it should be, the acting is brilliant (Robert Pattinson is a bit wooden at times, but not bad overall), the readers get to see the story in 3D and they have something to complain about when it doesn't tick all their boxes ;) and finally, Meyer (like JK Rowling before her) can live off the latest cash cow to hit our screens.

If the movie were an exam and I was to give it a grade, it would be B - not great, but not awful. Keep up the good work.